About Us

The Lodestar Centre of Excellence (LSCOE) was founded in 2019 by individuals from BioAnalyt and InnovateX to improve and sustain capacity strengthening efforts in the areas of nutrition and food technology. We strive to be the food and nutrition sector’s most current, relevant, and innovative technical training hub for industry, government, and NGO professionals.

A lodestar is a star used to align trajectories and guide one’s course, particularly in navigating a ship. At LSCOE, we know there are many technical and political barriers that stand in the way of improved policies, social programmes, and industry action on nutrition, food safety, and food quality. Governments, industry, and civil society are intertwined in the effort to ensure safe, nutritious, and diverse foods are accessible and desirable to consumers. Using new technologies to collect and interpret data across the food system requires regular training and understanding of the basics. This training is our Lodestar – documented, trusted, and transparent information and communication aligns priorities and guides each stakeholder to take appropriate action.

The Centre of Excellence model has been used by various industries across the food, manufacturing, construction, technology, and other sectors for several decades. The work of these centres defines a common set of best practices and work standards, assesses current practices against these standards, and provides direct guidance and support to prioritize and implement them.

Data and information surround what we do as humans. Through improved collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, we can better use it to take actions that enhance the nutritious food systems around us in a way that supports industry and is collaborative within government and civil society.